America To Tomorrowland: Getting There

Traveling abroad can be a big undertaking. You have to secure a flight, make sure you have the proper documentation, and of course pack your bags. But when’s the best time to buy the flight?

Backpacking to Europe

Backpacking to Europe

A recent study by “CheapAir” says that 54 days is the lucky number when traveling domestically. But when traveling abroad book it at least 100 days before. Specifically for Europe, 151 before is the best time to book the flight. So look into booking your flights, make your plans, then try to shoot for booking your plane tickets around then.

You can buy cheap tickets to Europe! You just have to plan ahead!


Tomorrowland 2011

When I first discovered Tomorrowland I was in Dallas, TX in a hotel room. My friend showed me an “amazing” YouTube video from Tomorrowland 2011. I was hooked. Seeing the video is wonderful but going in person is truly one of the greatest experiences of my life. But don’t take my word for it. Check it out: